I have ordered, what can I expecting?

When payment is completed, we will send you an email to confirm your order is in process. And when your order is ready for delivery, we will send you an email with a Track and Trace number. Because of the current carona measurement, the delivery time can be increased.

I want to return my product, what must I do?

As long the product(s) is good state, you may return the product(s). You will have to pay the additional cost for return yourself. You can return the products at this address:
Alliance Hair And Products
postbox 32372

You can get more details at this page Return Policy

I just return a product, when can I expected my money?

When the product is with us, we will check the state of the product. If nothing wrong with it. We send you an email of your returned product and refunds you right away. Based on your paid method, it may take a few days before you seen your money on the bank.